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 Conservation Corps North Carolina

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North Carolina Staff

Photo of Randolph "Radar" Harrison

Randolph "Radar" Harrison

Director of Forestry Conservation Projects

Photo of Michael Meredith

Michael Meredith

Program Director

Photo of Andy  Sommerville

Andy Sommerville

Field Program Coordinator

Photo of Mallory James

Mallory James

Field Supervisor

(202) 934-4599
Photo of Jackie  Meyer

Jackie Meyer

Youth Program Coordinator

(919) 356-0058
Photo of Stephanie Dunton

Stephanie Dunton

Recruitment and Member Support Coordinator

Catch up on what you missed!

If you weren't able to attend our Virtual Showcase last week, click the link below to watch the recording!!

This is the BEST way to learn about our work in communities and conservation and to find out about open opportunities.

Hear from alumni, meet some of our staff, and learn about our diverse programs. We are ALWAYS hiring!

Conservation Legacy Showcase Recording